The growth of social media and the necessity of keep them updated in order to improve our small business’ online presence has created a need we didn’t have so far: spend much time on social networking every day.

Besides, the power of social networks makes this need even bigger, as social platforms are able to take a company into a serious crisis.

Nowadays we could not do this and pay so much attention without social media monitoring tools.

1. All about social media monitoring tools

Who are the ones using them? Social Media Specialists and so are Agencies mainly. However, more and more small businesses have started using them, specially since most have a free version.

Discover answers to this and many other questions about social media monitoring tools and even check out the way you could be using Twitter as a tool as well.

Find in this infographic the best free softwares in the current market according to their purpose: monitor social media campaigns, events, comments on the web… Choose your own and start saving time and efforts! Go to link number 1 to access the infographic by Kissmetrics.

2. Tools to listen, engage and respond

This kind of software is the most wanted. Under my opinion, what is best for users with no much time is a tool since where you can have access to all your social networks, from a dashboard. Then, from there, you’ll be able to listen to your fans, what it’s said about you on social platforms, “spy” the competence and respond your fans directly. What’s my preferred tool for all this? Hootsuite, with no doubt.

Within the infographic number two (by Demand Results) you’ll find many other tools to cover any of these purposes.

3. How to schedule your contents across social platforms

These tools help small businesses’ owners stay organized and save time by giving you the chance to schedule your tweets, posts on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn…

In this last infographic of the day you’ll find a few interesting ideas to plan and organize your social media duties, such as scheduling tools or calendars.

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