Facebook often surprises us with a new change on its Privacy Politic. The last one was launched a few days ago. It was about their new feature “Facial Recognition” to be used by Facebook and all announcers on the social networks. Our profile picture will be able to be used with advertising purposes.

This step though is not done yet. Some countries have claimed against it such as Germany (where “Like” button has been already prohibited). Despite of this, the new politic also brought interesting new features: Now you can decide either your profile appears on search engines or it doesn’t.

By the way… Did you know your profile picture already appears on Sponsored Stories since long ago?

What you should do first if concerned about privacy is set up your settings correctly. Still many users complain because their pictures are public and appear on Google Search… There are two very easy ways to solve it:

– It something is privated and personal do not upload it to Facebook (neither any other social network)

– Set up your privacy the way pictures only can be seen by your friend (even those friends you choose)

So now you have your settings properly configured, let’s talk about the information Facebook gets in every action you do within (or even outside) the social network:

Did you know every time you hit “Like” across the Web Facebook makes a profile of your online habits? Going further… Some applications such as Farmville leak information to third websites and a few advertisers…

Besides, by tracking keywords in our Status Updates Facebook develops studies and researches the kind of “After Valentin’s Day and before Spring break is the biggest season for breakups.

Check out this info in comparison with Google+ Privacy Politic in the following infographic by clicking over this link:

Is Facebook Watching your Every Move? by Peer1Hosting

Now we know Facebook is spying on our movements across the Web… Let’s see now how the track us in order to offer us an ad of a product or service we’ve been previously looking for on Google Search. Take into account the add cookies to your computer that will follow you across the Internet!

Follow this link to access to this infographic!

How Facebook Tracks you across the Web by Eduardo Area Blog

So be careful with what you upload to Facebook or any other site on the Internet and overall, check out your privacy settings!

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