Let’s begin from the basic knowledge. What is an app? Our colleagues from Circus Social can help you out with that.

I’m pretty sure the first platform you are thinking of right now is Facebook. In order to improve your Facebook page you had to use a few different applications. You probably knew about them because of Facebook and social media marketing. So let me use this platform to explain what an app is and the way they work.

You just “think of it like a little website that reside on your Facebook page in order to give your fans an improved experience that goes beyond what Facebook itself can offer”. The selection of several of them will depend on the goal you want to achieve and the action you are going to take: launch contests, get feedback from your fans, sell products straight from the social platform, rise the engagement rate among your fans and drive the to your website, start a debate and so on…

And do they really work? Visit the infographic to know mucho more about apps here:

>> Guide to everything you need to know about Facebook apps

As you’ve just seen within the infographic, apps work indeed. However, our next infographic will warn you about the damage over your engagement rate specially on Facebook, unless you use the proper Facebook app.

Hootsuite is an app we all marketers use to manage our social networks. Nowadays small businesses are also using it just to have all their social activity in one dashboard. Well, our advice is not to use this tool to plan your posts on your Facebook page, as you’;re engagement rate will dramatically go down. Check out how much engagement you could lose, according to Edge Rank Checker‘s study:

>> Is Hootsuite killing your Facebook engagement rate? 

Finally, we ended our Day Of Infographics with the 11 on-the-go must have apps if you want to success on social media. Check here if you have them all in your mobile!

>> 11 marketing apps to use on the go

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