Over one billion teens are on social media as of today, 90% out of them are on Facebook. This one is still their preferred social network although more and more are turning to Twitter lately in the USA, according to a study I could read last week.

Adults are often concerned about the personal data our young people can be public sharing through their profiles on social networks. No worries about it. Teens seem to be more smart than we are. Only 20% out of them share their personal data.

They do share photos though. Nowadays, with the help of their devices, youngsters upload around 6 billion photos per month to Facebook, and over 58 pics to Instagram… Per second!

Check out more impressive data on this infographic

What social networks teens use more frequently? Facebook and Twitter seem to be their favourites, while Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr still are of “adult’s use”.

In general, youth use social media more actively than adults do. Don’t miss the percentages on this infographic.

No need to say the spread of mobiles and tablets have encouraged the use of social media among teens: Have a look at the data of our last infographic here: the option “socializing outside the school” is down below the “texting” or “calling” option… And very close to “social networking messaging”.

Are they less interest on socializing out-doors? What do you think? Should we control that? Let us know your thoughts on comments!

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