No need to say clients are changing since two years ago onwards… Currently, “Social Customers” interact in a different way with the companies they like the most. They are more connected than ever and also more likely to take part in conversations. There’s more. They want those conversations and sometimes, they’ll demand them.

It’s time to evolve. What’s the answer? Social CRM.

The first infographic of our latest Day of Infographics shows you a comparison between traditional CRM (which meant collect and manage data about customers in order to use them to drive sales) and Social CRM (which today means the development of a strategy to get high customer’s engagement and drive conversations)

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Tools to manage Social CRM

You’ll probably need an app to automate the collection of your client’s social data in order to get more time for planning your strategy. And you’ll surely need a good one that truly helps you.

Our next infographic you’ll find out a variety of names of the best softwares to use, along with the key points you should value in the tool you’ll finally choose.

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What if we know a bit more about the different kind of social media users before going deeper in details? The last infographic goes through 7 most common types of social media fans. Your own followers probably will be part of one or two of them. It’s a good way to start learning about your customers, don’t you think so? 😉

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