Telling a story in just six seconds is possible! As long as you have clear what your goals are and what do you want to achieve and share with the video.

What’s great about Vine (Released by Twitter on October 2012) it’s how simple it is to use. That’s its main difference with YouTube. It’s an app created with mobile phones in mind; you shoot your video which needs little strategy since it will only have a length of six seconds, you edit it and then you share it directly through your iPhone. Easy does it and it’s very viral too; this is Twitter we are talking about here folks.

How could small companies benefit from the use of this tool? There are loads of ways as Vine is a very creative canvass really.

10 video examples from Vine

  1. Show your newest product from different angles or perspectives.
  2. Demonstrate how does your product work. Go for the interesting bits, you only got six seconds!
  3. Release a teaser of your next campaign. Whether it’s an offer, a contest in your social sites, a coupon, an event, etc… Make sure to add a link in the video where users can find the information (The simpler the url the better)
  4. Collect opinions from the clients that visit your store and show two or three in your video. You could even make a series of videos or publish one or two per week. You could use this new area from your Twitter profile for your clients.
  5. Create short stories; introduce your staff, the owners, show the store… Make it feel personal.
  6. Make a series of videos thanking your most reliable users. You could even show their pictures (If they are new users) or quick flashes of their visits to the store.
  7. Share with your clients and users the information about the latest events of the industry.
  8. Release a “How to” video! Or you could show combinations of products if you are a retailer or what about a slow motion video of models on a fashion show?
  9. Make something funny! Show us your creative side!
  10. Congratulate your new employees and take the opportunity to introduce them.

If you want to promote these videos you will need of course to talk about the use of this new feature in your blog at the same time that you cover it in the rest of your social media profiles doing some nice crossed promotion.

And don’t forget to add a hashtag for increased virality!You can find a few examples here under the hashtags #Design or #Howto.

Do you want to take a look at the videos being made by users in real time? Go to Vinepeek  and take a look. And if you are interested, you can use this tool to share your own videos. You will be able to share it with your other social networks but that’s up to you.

Also, why not use this tool to look up your competitors and try to be more creative than them? For that purpose you can use Vine’s search tool, Vineroulette which will allow you to search for the videos of any company or individual.

Could this be the next and most viral video-sharing platform? Could we see this site competing with YouTube in the near future? Too soon to tell but, so far, looks promising!

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