One of Twitter uses is to drive traffic to your blog or website and common sense dictates that the more people you get to reach your content, the more retweets and visits you will obtain. Wrong! (To some extent at least) It is true that releasing one or two tweets a day has barely any impact on your followers if you take into account that it won’t stay on their “walls” for more than two minutes. But wouldn’t publishing the same tweet over and over have an adverse effect and could result in loosing followers that grow tired of reading the same tweets?

1. Pay attention to the way you tweet

It’s not just about the number of tweets but more about the way you tweet and the content of each tweet. For starters try changing the parts of the post you highlight and do not keep publishing the same header time and time again. Followers of your brand or product are likely to grow tired of reading the exact same words several times a day when they see your updates in Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, wouldn’t you agree?

2. Would four tweets in eight hours be cool?

What do experts think about this topic? Guy Kawasaki, Alltop’s founder and one of the biggest tweeters in all the history of the micro-blogging network with more than 1.1 million followers says what’s adequate is to “repeat your tweets four times for every eight hours” so you can reach the different world time frames. Would you agree with this opinion? Same tweet four times in a row? I don’t know, but I am not convinced.

3. Would one or two tweets at key times be correct then?

What we usually do is to send a tweet with the most relevant information (Social With It contents normally) during the three peaks of the day when our followers are most active (data obtained through Tweriod) at a pace of one or two tweets an hour… Is that enough? Well, it is in fact what worked best for us this far but that doesn’t necessarily mean is correct.

4. Some “tricks”

We use a WordPress plugin that we discovered recently and love how it works. We are talking about Tweet Old Posts. You can program the settings so this tool will send tweets after a set number of hours (user’s choice) with a random piece of the content from your blog. This will help you a little bit to reach those who didn’t see the article when it was first released.

However, you shouldn’t leave many tweets for automatic tools. It could have adverse effects as we already talked about on our Decalogue of common sense on Twitter. Keep things on an even keel.

Do you want to tell us how you do it? After how many hours do you tweet the same content? Do you want to share some secret trick with us? Check the comments section.

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