The launch of these self-service type of ads offers small businesses the possibility to reach clients through mobiles and tablets instead of through the home PC, since Twitter’s audience mostly connects via smartphones.

It is also true that lots of medium and small businesses have been using Twitter without spending a penny, by sharing their brand in a way that suits their needs. Why would they start making tweet advertising? So let me ask you something, why wouldn’t you want to try to get a better reach when you have the launch of a new product in your hands?

These ads are very easy to launch too. What it is more complicated to define your strategy and to take the first step:

1. Pick your goals

Essential. If you don’t have a goal to reach, do not get into the advertising game. Not this or any other way; next steps will depend on this first goal.

Twitter ads can really help you achieve some of these goals: Expand your personal brand, build the foundations of your community and make it grow, extend your brand awareness or share the news about a certain product, event or offer.

You should also decide here the duration of your promotional campaign, your target audience, the country (or language) and, above all, the daily budget that you would want to invest (and this budget does not need to be high really)

2. Choose the type of advertising

Once you have chosen (and hopefully written) your strategy, go to Twitter’s advertising page or access it directly through the “Edit profile” section, as shown in the image.

From this page you can select one of the self-service advertising options for small companies. On a more advanced level you can also find the possibility to publish hashtags in a way that could even become a “trending topic”.

Promoted account

Your account will be shown in the section “Who to follow”. Twitter uses an algorithm for this that allows you to locate users with similar interests to your Twitter profile and, that way, susceptible of becoming followers.

Twitter Ads - Promoted accounts [Social With It]

Remember that you will only pay for users that will happen to follow you.

Promoted tweets

These are tweets that you can plan to appear in users’ timelines that belong to a segment of your choosing and in any of the existing devices (PC’s, mobiles, tablets…)

Use this option if, for instance, you want to advertise a certain product, event or share an offer. Users will see promoted tweets only once.

3. Register to launch the advertising

From that same page use the “Ready to advertise on Twitter” button.

Twitter Ads - Segment your audience 1 [Social With It]

Now you can start to indicate some data like the country your Twitter account is established on.

Twitter Ads - segment your target [Social With It]

4. Choose your monthly budget

This will allow Twitter know the size of your company. Small companies will have small budgets by default. For now, mention that you are a small business without the intention of investing much by choosing “0-5000”.

5. Fill in your details

Self-explanatory. Add the relevant data requested by Twitter.

Twitter Ads - fill in your details [Social With It]

This is where you will discover if your account is now ready to launch ads in Twitter. Do not worry if this is not the case. Soon you will be able to see that option available to you and you could follow the next steps.

6. Fill all of the ad fields and create your target audience.

Twitter allows you to segment your target audiences by countries, interests, gender or device.

Should you have chosen to do promoted tweets, you will also be able to divide your audience by using keywords.

Twitter Ads - Promoted tweets - by keywords [Social With It]

7. Choose your daily budget and your bid

Take into account that Twitter will never exceed this budget though it is possible that it tries to not reach it. So be generous when setting your daily budget. You will even be able to modify it once the campaign is on-going to better adapt it to your needs.

Next step is to finalise your offer for each of the RT or followers, how much do you want to pay for each of them. Remember that your competition could be bigger/smaller depending on the field where you want to move. If you have very stiff competition in the country where you are launching your campaign, the value of each of the clicks will be higher which means that you’ll need to increase your bid offer in order to be competitive. You can also adjust these settings during the campaign.

8. Measure your results often

Since this is a pay per click system, we should oversee the metrics with regularity and check that the Click rate (CTR for Google and Facebook Ads) it’s above 0.20%. The higher this number, the better the results. So you get a better picture, if you get a 2 or 3%, you can consider that a huge success.

If you are not getting the desired results you could try, for instance, to increase your bid offer per click or to modify the contents of your tweets till you start seeing better results.

So do you feel like launching a promoted tweet for your latest product now? I certainly hope so! Did you give it a try yet? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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