Have you ever heard about the CRR? This metric (Content Relevance Rate) was the amazing idea of the writer, Social CRM specialist Joakim Nilsson. Although it is not of common use, it should be the most important metric to measure on social media marketing.

How to get this data? The easiest way Joakim Nilsson recommends is by dividing the engagement rate / the total number of activities published on a given period of time. But let’s go further. Let’s get the success of our content across all social media through these three pillar metrics:

  • Content Relevance
  • – Reach per Activity
  • – Subscriber Interaction

Have you realized any of the three pillars actually mention the number of “likes” or fans/followers? Those are words with no meaning. Numbers are not important on social media, but the real meaning of them. They only should help you reach your goals but they’re not a goal themselves.

What I recommend here is to forget about those numbers at all. Just use them as a path to get the truly important data and act accordingly. Do you think the number of your Facebook fans does matter? It’s possible your contents are only reaching less than a 5% out of them…

Let’s take into account many other variables and what’s more, let’s give them the level of importance each action and platform actually deserves, because it’s not the same effort you put into a post on Facebook than an article on your blog, isn’t it?

Follow the instruction to download and fill up your own dashboard here.

What I love the most of Nilsson’s statistics dasboard is the fact that you’re not actually measuring how well your campaign performed but getting the platforms and activities with a lower score in order to improve your content strategy the following month.

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