LinkedIn is nowadays the most important social network for professional with around 180 million users located mostly in North America. England ranks third with 10 million users while Spain currently has three million users and growing fast!

However only about 20% of those users are active daily (Or at least on short time periods) according to the data provided by Jorgen Sundberh at the LinkedIn Taster Workshop and Networking event.

There are currently two million company pages and 1.3 million groups in LinkedIn. Do you want to know the main areas that are represented in this professional network? Tech industry, banks and finance.

So, why is so massively used?

Number of reasons but the main ones, and you’ll probably agree with this, are:

  • – Improves your online identity (Personal branding) Having a LinkedIn profile would improve your Google search-rank.
  • – You can see and take part in conversations about topics related to your job or professional interests.
  • – You could acquire knowledge and acknowledgement from other professionals.

To give you a more practical view, 93% of work agents use LinkedIn to find their candidates. 66% also use Facebook and around 54% Twitter.

What is the most eye-catching area of your profile?

And also, the most important: the headline and the photo.

How to get the most out of LinkedIn: Enhance your personal branding

Source: EyeTrackShop

This is what happens when you have a well developed header:

  • – Your profile is seven times more likely to be found.
  • – Your profile will generate 30% more clicks

My advice?

Include what you do in your profile instead of just your current job title. Also add the value of your work for that company or project and include as many keywords as you can. The nearer to the top of your profile you add these keywords the better.

Summary section

  • – Make sure you include your most notable achievements (Don’t include all of them if you have a lot)
  • – Cuantify your results and mention an important name every now and then.
  • – Adjust the amount of keywords. If you include too many, text could lack sense among professionals or what’s worse, it could make no sense.
  • – Call to action. Words heard often lately in social media… Add a sentence at the end of your profile (option now offered on the new profiles) asking users and contacts to keep in touch.

My advice?

Always write in first person (especially if you are looking for a job) and try to be creative. Forget about adding cliches like “creative” or “self-motivated” and try to use a newer language, more unique to your personality.

New profiles

You will need to redo some of your work with the new profiles that LinkedIn is implementing for all the users. Languages you can speak will have their own section to give you an example.

The new skill endorsements stay on the new profiles but the possibility to install apps from third parties is now gone like, for instance, the portfolio or blog article display. LinkedIn added a few upgrades in their place that will allow you, at any place and time, to link images, PowerPoint presentations, SlideShares or even videos.

Even though this formula facilitates the work of users, I for one miss the app that allowed you to displaye your latest blog post which also included a picture and the linking text.

Main factor that sway search engines

The amount of keywords. The right thing to do is to aim for the perfect balance between keywords and a professional text while expressing the keywords in a number of different ways.

Protocol rules

  • – Make sure your contact request is unique and personal. A good way to try to reach somebody that you don’t know but that you think it would be interesting to have in your LinkedIn community is by joining a group that person belongs to. You will then be able to send that person a request as you are both part of the same group.
  • – Add some value when you post new status or when you participate on forums, conversations or groups.
  • – Don’t you ever dare to try to sell directly! Don’t add more than one in five status promoting your business or activities. In other words, if you post once a day (Which is a neat average), you can only talk about your business, activity or blog once a week. You shouldn’t try to sell through private messages either even though it sadly happens often.
How to get the most out of LinkedIn: Enhance your personal branding

How can you make your contact list grow?

Bring them directly from Gmail for starters. You can also select the members of certain groups that could be interesting due to their ideas or their originality. Don’t be shy and send as many request as you can. At the end of the day we are all free to accept or reject them, aren’t we?

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