On a previous post we explained how your personal online brand can benefit from making the most out of your LinkedIn profile. Well, in this follow up post about this social network, we’ll show you now a few interesting ideas for your company’s page.

1. Mesmerise with your picture

The picture that you use for your landing page is very important. Make one exclusive to this network, mesmerising and spellbinding,  one that catches the eye (646×220) Would you follow this LinkedIn page even if you didn’t know it’s Google’s?

7 creative ways to use LinkedIn Company Pages - Social With It

2. Increase your visibility through influencers

We are talking about LinkedIn itself. Author and blogger Stephanie Sammons tells us, “Why not learning from the source itself?”.

All their posts are part of a very well elaborated strategy based on three points: search of employment and candidates, tips to increase your engagement in LinkedIn and campaigns with influencers. It is the last point the one that separates this network from the rest. To be able to work with the great bloggers of your field, encourage and talk to them directly as specialist definitely will improve the reach and the user loyalty ratio of your page.

You can easily apply this to small companies by, for example, creating a campaign that allows these influential bloggers to respond your questions from their own blogs.

3. Request product reviews

We often forget about this possibility. Let’s just follow HubSpot’s example, the company that has been able to exploit this resource best.

In order to do this, what the brand does first is to find out which of its products or services has a better reception among its followers. They will then highlight that product or services in a banner of the “Products” tab and will offer a free demo or sample.

HubSpot Products - free trials and demos - 7 creative uses of LinkedIn Company Pages - Social With It

4. Offer samples of products or services

Directly from the “Products” tab. Do not include the products or prices; take it even further. Create opinion leaders and incite people to make recommendations which would allow in turn for more users to try your products.

HubSpot recommendations on LinkedIn - 7 Creative ways to use LinkedIn Company Pages - Social With It

5. Cross promotion across different social networks

Do not just limit yourself to LinkedIn but also  use your other social networks. Remind your Facebook users every now and then what you are doing in your LinkedIn page and vice versa.

How can you do this creatively? Use the three different banners that LinkedIn offers in the “Products” tab, as CNBC did to offer followers the possibility to join them in Facebook or Twitter through two different banners.

CNBC Banners - cross promotion - 7 creative ways to use LinkedIn Company Pages - Social With It

6. Find talent/ Job offers

This is the most basic use of this network and the purpose why it was created. And this is also a purpose for which Facebook has become really an expert too. Take a look at Facebook’s company page in LinkedIn. All their effort and design is focused in the “Careers” tab, where they include a video in which employees tell how is it to work for Facebook.

Note that this tab is not available to everyone since it’s a paid option. But if your company is big enough or if hiring is your main next objective, then it could be work adding this tab, at least until you find the talent you are looking for, and trust me, there are plenty in LinkedIn

7. Create contests and promote client loyalty

And as a result increase that client loyalty. It is not common for companies to do this through LinkedIn instead of through other social networks. But what if your target audience is only in this network because it’s a professionals only target?

That’s what American Airlines do for instance. They use their status updates (Posts) to offer discounts or to ask about satisfaction level of their clients.

American Airlines - Contests on LinkedIn - 7 Creative ways to use LinkedIn Company Pages - Social With It

Source: Social Media Examiner

I am sure you have come out with any other idea while reading this! Would you share it with us on comments? Let us know your experience as a business on LinkedIn! We’ll be looking forward to it!

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