Yes, indeed. Your strategy might be working very well. Well done then! But, how could you find it out?

In a very interesting thread on our LinkedIn group SM Chat some of the specialists agreed it is crucial to monthly audit you social media marketing strategy. But, what happens if your company does not have the time needed to do so? There are always good tools that can help you on that. Meanwhile, at least at the end of every campaign you should measure results.

That moment I started looking up for a way to make it easier for small businesses, those with no much time to spend in this process. Finally I found the way (mostly thanks to Neal Schaffer). Try to follow the following steps:

  1. Have a sit with a huge cup of coffee in front of your computer and a notebook and do three separate columns:

Brand strategy / Social media strategy / Actions and Campaigns

     2. Answer the following questions and write down the response below the pertinent column:

Brand strategy

  • – Which were the initial business goals you planned to reach by the beginning of 2012? Which of those have you been able to achieve with the use of marketing actions? Which one out of them were possible to acomplish via social media?
  • – Did you complete those goals? If you did, congratulations! Your business strategy did work. If you didn’t, then there might be points to modify. Start by setting up new aims for 2013.

Social media strategy

  • – Is your social media strategy aligned both with the rest of marketing actions you are performing so is with your business goals? If it’s not… Houston, we have a problem. You’ll need to integrate your social media strategy within your business plan. That’s the only way this is going to work.
  • – What’s your brand voice on social networks? Is there one only voice? Does it properly represent your business?  In case you have hired a Community Manager he/she will have to keep that voice and not his/her own.
  •  – Have you noticed an increment on the traffic referred to your website when posting your company’s own content? Have you also got a higher engagement amongst your fans and followers? [Here’s how to measure the engagement on Facebook and Twitter] If you have not, it’s the right time to try a new plan. My advise at this stage is to have it written together with a content calendar. That will probably take a bit longer. There are ways to make it easier though [here’s further help for your Facebook’s content strategy] 

Actions and campaigns

  • Did you get the expected results from the activity on social media last year? That includes all actions from blogger outreach and events. Did your sales increase when your campaigns were out? Did your customers have more brand awareness?
  • Did your campaigns cause a steady growth of fans and followers? If they did, stick to them! But you’ll possible need to know which ones of them gave you the best results. It’s time to grab all your compiled metrics you’ve measured over the last year.

In order to help you out with this last point, we’ll getting ready a post to explain how to customize your Google Analytics account to get that metrics quickly and easily. Keep an eye on this next week!

In the meantime, you’ve got enough information to know what to change on your strategy this year. Now, go for it!!

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