Many small businesses don’t find social media useful because of the hard work owners have to do to keep all their profiles updated every day. However, it is possible to easily do it in less than half an hour a day.

1. Decide what to share and where

Where are you going to spread that content? You’ll probably need some more time to make these basic decisions. How about to spend one day every two months on this? When you decide what and where to publish along with the development of an easy calendar to follow, you’ll be planning a content strategy that will help you out to reach your goals. You’ll only have to review the calendar once every two/three months, and modify then what it’s needed.

The more common social platforms to share your contents on are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, niches and blogs specialised on your field.

2. Write a post to be proud of

According to the calendar you’ve just created in the previous step, find out what your audience might be interested in, what they’ll be willing to read and share. You can use Stumbleupon or the Twitter’s feature Discover and look for the latest trends on your field. Then, choose what you’ll be writing about that day.

This step will take you 30 minutes

Once you have made your mind, push your back on it and write a post you’ll be proud of. That’s the key to get a brilliant content. Find here how to create good contents for your blog.

This step will take you up to 60 minutes

3. Share it in 30 minutes

Do you have your amazing post ready? Well, let’s start the countdown:


Get ready 2 updates: one to be published on the same day your article is out, and the second update to be published sometime during the following Saturday. Go to this SWIt’s previous post to find more tips on how to update your Facebook fanpage.
Recommended tool: Facebook official planner

4 minutes


4-5 tweets during the release day and plan 2 more tweets each day along that week.

Recommended Tools: Hootsuite to plan your tweets in advance and Tweriod to get to know your pick times in Twitter (when your followers are more likely to retweet and read your contents).

10 minutes


Launch one status update on the release day. Do it from your share button on your own website. Hit “send to your circles” to send them all an email about this new update.

2 minutes


1 status update on the release day. Then, share it amongst the groups you are following. Here’s a post that might be helpful: How to use LinkedIn.

In order to spread your blog post to all groups at once, you’ll have to do it from the share button on your own blog. That will allow you to alphabetically fill in the name of the groups, from A to Z. Once you click on A, all your followed groups beginning with that letter will appear. Just click on each one to add them to the list.

Recommended tool: The own LinkedIn share button on your website to spread the blog post and Hootsuite to plan your status update in case you want to share it later on.

5 minutes


Pin the image of the post directly from your own blog using your Pinterest share button.

2 minutes

In case you know any other website where you are able to publish your content under a given subject, post your content there copying the URL of your blog post. Some of these webs are Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Digg, Delicious…
In order to be quicker, make a list with all these sites, with direct access to any of them.

7 minutes

You’ll probably spend some more minutes the first few times you share your contents following the above steps. After a couple of shared posts, you’ll be able to do it even in less than 30 minutes. I guarantee! 😉

Your turn now! Fancy trying and letting us know? 😉

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