Before go deeper in how to turn Facebook fans into sales, let’s check that we have already planned a good and strong strategy. Here are the three points your plan must have:

– Final goals (make them go parallel to your brand’s aims)

– Ensure you are targeting the proper audience, that is that people who will probably love what you have to offer.

– Create a strategic plan to action and a content calendar.

If you want to know more about how to develop and launch a successful strategy, download the free ebook about Facebook Marketing we released a few months ago. You’ll also find how to grow your fan base within the first months of work.

Here’s what you’ll find along this a the next to posts:

  • Step 1: How to drive traffic to your website from your fanpage (high quality visits)
  • Step 2: How to convert those visits into regular customers
  • Step 3: How to close that social media path: fans -> visits -> customers -> sales -> fans

Let’s see the first step then. Let’s get returning visitors from Facebook.

“People are inundated with emails, Facebook posts, and tweets. They need a good reason to visit your website” (Writer Liz Rosenthal as quoted in Hubspot)… We are sure you also agree. Give them the kind of content they really want to read about. Offer the sort of matters that will cause a more engaged and growing audience.:

1: Develop a high quality content over the average. 

How can we do this? Follow these easy tips:

– Use photos and images to make your contents more appealing. When uploading a new status with a link to your fanpage, remove the preview of the site and upload instead a picture related to the content.

– Ask your audience what they’d like to read about… And listen to them.

– Add data and samples that verify what you are telling in your post. Also make sure each content is relevant to your fans.

– Include a link to your website/blog in 1 out of 3 Facebook posts. It’s the Three Thirds rule. One third of your posts should drive traffic to your site. The second third of your posts should give your community important information from third parties websites. The last third of your posts is meant to boost your fans’ participation.

Content is crucial, it’s almost the most important part to get new fans and convince them to often visit your website. Sometimes though, little details can be extremely needed as well…

2: Keep a permanent link to your site in your Facebook Page 

Most people link to their website from the Facebook About section, but it’s not enough. How about to create a visual tab linking to your site? Bear in mind most of the post you’ll launch won’t drive traffic to your web (remember the Three Third rule) so it’s imperative you keep a permanent link. Fancy seing an example? Go to our fanpage and check our tabs, specially that one in blue under the name “SM Guides”.

3: Create a permanent Call-to-Action

Other good idea to drive more traffic from your fanpage is to add a permanent Call-to-Action to your Cover Photo. Try something like “click here to download a demo” and add an easy-to-remember written URL. Then you’ll have to develop a strong landing page where fans will be driven.

In this previous post you can see a few examples of Call-to-Actions in Facebook Photo Covers, including our own, that will lead you to our free ebook.

Bearing in mind that url should be driving traffic to a landing page, next step is crucial…

4: How to create an appealing landing page

What’s our best advice on this? Make it clear, don’t beat about the bush.  Lead to a clear page where fans can move around and go wherever they want to. Show them your product or service. Drive them to the link to a demo.

Keep an easy design, clear and straight to the main points. Do not add any button that might distract fans. Make it easy to them.

Is everything ready? Now, let’s start counting visits from Facebook! Here’s our post to learn how to measure visits coming in from social media with Google Analytics. Next week we’ll be posting how to turn those visits into actual clients!

In the meantime, follow the latest trends and info about social media via our Twitter or Google+ accounts, find new pictures and infographics on Pinterest or join our interesting conversations with other specialists on our fanpage and our LinkedIn Group. We’ll be waiting for you!