In fact, design is crucial no matter the purpose of your Facebook presence; either drive more traffic to your web, grow the engagement with your customers or push the sales.

As we already explained in a previous post about How to drive permanent traffic from Facebook to your site and turn it into sales, your Facebook tabs (those right below your cover photo) will play a decisive role to promote your products or services.

What follows is a list of applications that truly work on Facebook Marketing, or at least, they work very well to us!

1. Restaurants, coffe-shops, chefs or food-related businesses:

Let’s presume you are not a web programmer, so you’ll need an app to develop an appealing tab in an easy way. Try Pagemodo to show your menu or your main plates. You’ll be able to choose a template and just upload the pictures you want to include on it.

Top 10 Facebook apps for your small business - Social With It

Use also this application to create a Welcome tab with a permanent link to your blog.

A second app that could be very interesting for you to use, specially if your business is a restaurant, is FanRestaurant which will allow your fans to book a table without leaving Facebook.

2. To grow your newsletter list:

Newsletters are still today one of the best ways to engage your actual and potential clients as long as you use it properly. Then, why not to use your Facebook Page to get more subscriptions?

Facebook offers you its own app to add a “Sign Up” tab to your fanpage: Email Sign Up

Top 10 Facebook apps for your small business - Social With It

 3. Promotions and contests:

Last week Facebook announced it’s not necessary anymore to use a third party app to launch a contest on your fanpage. Now you can do it straight from your timeline. However, I recommend to keep using apps like EasyPromos, Trisocial or Social Tools, as they’ll allow you to better plan your contest and fit it into your business goals. Besides, these tools will give you a permanent tab that will stay on your Facebook Page along the whole promotion while an only post in your timeline will be visible for your fans just for a few hours.

Other features you can find when using these applications is for instance the chance to include a voucher or discount as a gift for each contestant, which will also drive sales.

By the way, after using the three apps I’ve just recommended, I can tell you the best option is Social Tools because of its excellent quality versus price. Try once for free and then the rest of your promotions will cost you $25.

4. Vouchers, discounts and deals

Although you have the chance to post a deal on your status update, there are apps to offer a voucher permanently (or at least, as long as you want the offer lasts). Any discount you can offer to your fans will push your sales specially in certain periods of the year… Imagine you can launch your own “Sales” on Facebook for Christmas…

Try this app to add a tab with a coupon to your fanpage: Coupons Tab

5. For businesses focused on visual features

If your company offers beautiful products do not hesitate to include an Image Gallery. I’m not talking about folders with your pictures but a real Gallery within one of your tabs, where fans will wish to “walk” around.

How about a welcome video? With the following app you’ll be able to also show your business to your fans,

Iwiipa will allow you to create dynamic photos and galleries, as well as videos and tutorials.

6. Cross-promoting social networks

My lovely cross-promotion… You can not forget about it! Bring permanently your Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest profile to your Facebook Page. Woobox will give you the chance to add the main social networks up to date.

Cross-Promotion on Facebook via tabs - Ohmycool Fanpage - Social With It

Keep an eye on these applications from time to time, specially your Twitter tab and check if it’s working properly. Sometimes, social networks change their API for third party apps and, as happened with Involver, the tab just stopped working and disappeared from your Page.

At this stage you’ll be wondering what will be the app number 10… Well, the one you want to develop yourself! However I’m just taking here from the theory and not the practice… Programming is not my thing to be honest. But if you are a good one or have notions about it, try to create your own tab following the Facebook instructions and I’m sure it’ll be much more creative and you’ll be able to get the most out of your Facebook Page.

Has anybody tried already? Fancy sharing your experience with us below on comments?

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