So far, Facebook used to be very harsh regarding its photo cover policy. Users were not allowed to add text such as call-to-action or contact details. Now you can.

The only rule that Facebook still maintains is the 20 percent limit for text overlay. Still wondering how much text represents that 20%? Check out these templates and use them as a guide. Well, taking that in mind, there’s a whole universe of possibilities to get the most out of your page cover photo. Here are 5 ideas I’ve been collecting but feel free to suggest yours below on comments!

1. Promote an event or your latest product

Is your business planning to take part in a show or a conference? Then, your photo cover is one of the best and cheapest tools to promote it.

Check out what CampoViejo has created to advertise a Spanish festival in London:

On the other hand, if your company is online, why not to show your trendiest product with a little sentence explaining the essential?

Let’s say you are a blogger. Then, advertise your ebook in your Facebook photo cover! Include a short url easy to be remembered, as there is no possibility to actually click on the link. Try to make it easy to memorize, like Here’s an awesome example from Hubspot.

2. Drive traffic to your Facebook page applications

Imagine you are about to launch a contest on Facebook. Your photo cover could lead to that application! I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself well, so I better let you admire this photo art created on the purpose to lead users to any of the applications on the page. An example by Jim Belosic on Smartblog:

5 Photo Cover Ideas - Social With It

I just admire how they use colours to identify each tab.

3. Drive traffic to your online site

Whether you have a business website or a blog, the photo cover is the easiest and most common way to promote it. Design a beautiful background and add over it a short link to your landing page. Remember, always an easy-to-remember link and don’t forget about the 20% rule!

4. Include your contact details

So you are a local business, with an actual address and contact number. Well, add one of them to your photo cover. Don’t try to overwhelm your fans with too much information, otherwise they’ll forget about it. Just highlight what you think is the most important text: either your address over a picture of your door or your email or phone number.

Here’s a photo cover made by mixing both, an image from the business’ door and the latest products.

5 Photo Cover Ideas - Social With It

5. Don’t fear call-to-action

I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard about this term lately. However, it’s not anything new. It means literally call your fans to act, to like your page, to comment your posts…

So let’s ask them to like us on our cover photo. Why not to encourage them to take part in our conversations?

Social With It - 5 Photo Cover Ideas

Now it’s your turn! Anything else you think we should add? Do you have any other idea to share whit us? Write it down on comments!

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