What does this mean for small and medium businesses? From Kelly Jo Hortons lips, “it’s time for businesses to get social, and I do mean social. They should quit their focus of trying to share their interests and start NOW to gain the loyalty of their fans, she says. Relevance and engagement will be key to appear in Facebook’s search results.

Results will be customised for each user and will depend on:

  • Number of likes. The more “likes”, the more chances to appear in search results. So the number of fans of your page is now coming back stronger.
  • The pages that you like already. In other words, pages that you already follow will appear first.
  • Pages with which you interact often by commenting, posting…
  • Pages of companies or stores closer to your location.
  • Pages related to your search and that already are among the pages “liked” by your friends or friends’ friends.

This way, in Social With It we recommend that you max out your company’s page potential so it appears in searches from your fans and friends of your fans. In order to do this, we have developed a number of steps that you can follow:

1 Category and About section

Do make sure that your page is included in one of the categories ad sub-categories that Facebook offers. Take into account that pages with an actual location will be able to choose up to three categories.

Also include all possible details about your company and your products in the “information” area. E.G. Add your best dishes if you own a restaurant or the best offers you have in your menu.

Do not forget to add your company details. You have to acknowledge the fact that Facebook now added the option for users to directly call from your Facebook page.

Customize your page for Facebook Graph Search - Call-to-tap - Social With It

So don’t forget to fill up the phone number information!

2. Encourage your fans to check-in

One of the best ways to show Facebook your fans loyalty towards your page is through their check-ins in your business. Encourage them to do so when they visit your store or remind them every now and then in your page.

3. Create your Facebook Place and claim it yours

And so fans can check-in, the first step is to create your own Facebook Place.

Here’s how you can create a map with your location for your fans and clients to check in. But don’t just stop there!

You should claim the place as yours so no other business can use this locations. Find out how here: How to use Facebook Places 

4. Tag your customers in pictures

In order to make your page appears in your fans’ friends search results, and on those from their friends too, make sure you tag them in your pictures. So encourage your fans to tag themselves in them or maybe prepare a contest for which they will need to tag themselves on pictures. Take into account that many of the searches will be directly done through the names of such friends.

5. Other tips

As usual, please remember that the more value you add to your content, the more options you’ll have to appear in search results. Let me give you a few additional tip that could help out to improve the ranking of your company in Facebook’s Graph Search:

  • Try to make your content as relevant as possible to your fans.
  • Try to post pictures or videos in HD or maybe questions that could help you generate engagement and gain the loyalty of fans to your page.
  • “Likes” are now very much relevant. Do not doubt to launch a campaign of social advertising in Facebook or create contests that could boost your community.

To make your lives easier, we have located a “check list” with some of the topics discussed here and that could help you check what do you still need to do. You can download the PDF check-list from this link.

Can you think of anything else that could help to make the best out of your Facebook page? Maybe some other way to make your company be found easily with Facebook’s Graph Search? Leave us a comment! Do you think Google should feel threatened in any way?

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