Just at the end of that post we mentioned how important it is for small businesses looking to launch a marketing campaign to know the Facebook lingo as a step before the actual launch of the fanpage.

Before we delve into step 4, I would advise you to take a look at the mini-dictionary that we built based off definitions provided by Andrea Vahl and that we have also translated for our Spanish audience. Terms like fan, friend or wall might already sound familiar but do you know what does EdgeRank exactly mean? Or what’s the difference between a group and a fanpage?

Assuming that we are clear on steps 1 to 3, shall we develop our fanpage?

4. Optimizing your fanpage

Creating a fan page is simple but optimizing it to be eye-catching and perform as you want it to is a different thing.

For starters, fill all the relevant data of the “About” section and don’t forget to include the actual business address and contact information such as your phone number, emails and links to other social profiles like your company’s Page in LinkedIn or the Twitter profile.

Follow up by adding a breath-taking cover photo. Best thing to do is to change this picture every now and then (You can find here the pic sizes) as the picture itself can also be part of your Facebook strategy:

  • – You can link the small profile picture to the front page picture and create original designs like all these 40 examples. Pagemodo web app allows you to create an original composition for free.
  • – There is also the option to promote a product, highlight the fan of the week or show fans how to use a certain item with the help of pictures.

Just keep in mind that you can’t include words such as “offer” or anything that shows sale intent. You can’t either include information about the store’s actual location. That’s what the “About” section is for.

Once you have the front page picture, upload the profile picture that should go hand in hand with the former. Remember that you can now choose what part of the profile picture you want to be shown on your status updates.

Next part is even more important; customize the tabs of your page by adding applications. How? I hear you ask. Well, just following these steps that can be found in Facebook’s Help section. These are some of the better known apps and that could give your fan page a better look and usefulness:

  1. NetworkedBlogs allows you to import the content of your blog to your wall.
  2. Pavment will create a showroom of your store in your fanpage even allowing direct sales of the article that you promoted in Facebook.
  3. Causes is an app to collect donations for charities or other non-profit organizations.
  4. MarketPlace could be essential if you are running a real estate agency or a car rental for instance.
  5. Booshaka will display a list of your “Top fans” and it will tell you how much they interact with your page; a good way to reward their loyalty. Something you could also get with Fan of the week; an app that weekly chooses and highlights a fan based on his or her interactions with the page.

I would also recommend that you take a look at Involver which contains a few interesting apps like the direct access from the fan page to Pinterest, Google+ and other social networks.

Do you already have your main three tabs placed in a good visible spot? Good, now develop your own Timeline, your history. In order to do that, add milestones on the most important moments of your business (You can go as back in time as you want) And add some attractive pictures and interesting texts to the. You have lots of room for creativity on the development of the history of your business in Facebook.

5.  Plan your content. 

Build up a calendar and include all the contents that you will upload to your fan page on a monthly basis. This also applies to the rest of the social networks really which I would also advise if you want to keep your commitment to your strategy and want to avoid making a mess like these did.

Few notes for your calendar creation:

  • Use the Three Third rule. One third or your posts must be about your business, another third must be about information of third parties (Link to posts of other blogs that could be relevant to your fans) and lastly, the last third should be used to answer fans.
  • Saturdays are the days when Facebook has more user traffic… at least, for now! 😉 Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons have the fewest number of users. Remember not to release important status updates at these times, at least while you have your own statistics.
  • Include questions that your fans sent about your products, tendencies or any other relevant information. You could do this, for instance, on Tuesday evenings.
  • Mix things up a bit with your status updates: one or two pictures a week, a couple of links, a question directed to the fans and one or two updates with just text (Which seems to be reaching fans even better than pictures or links as of late)

6.      Live your Facebook events

One last note before we say goodbye until our next post, something that we know and that works. Don’t leave Facebook as just a way to interact with your current and potential customers (what CRM – Customer Relationship Management – stands for) but try to bring your fan page and your store into life.

Create events with your fans that you could later introduce in your fanpage. What about streaming these events live in your page? You could use Facebook’s own video application or Linqto’s app. And what could be a good excuse to launch a live event in your Faceboof page? The unveiling of a new product, the presentation of a webinar about the 2013 tendencies in your field, a big chat in your fan page’s wall or even, an online Facebook party, why not? Trust me, your EdgeRank would benefit from it. And Andrea Vahl says also this! Your reach and popularity will skyrocket.

What are your thoughts on these three steps? As always, feel free to share your opinions or different views about the topic down here or in SWIt’s fanpage. We will talk next week about advertising in Facebook and how to measure the effectiveness of your campaign!

Also, follow the latest trends and info about social media via our Twitter or Google+ accounts, find new pictures and infographics on Pinterest or join our interesting conversations with other specialists on the fanpage and LinkedIn Group. I’ll be waiting for you!