Updated formula as for 29/05/2013 here

Social engagement on Social Networks, mainly Facebook and Twitter has lately turned into one of the crucial aims in all Social Media Marketing campaign, both for brands and community managers working for an agency or on their own behalf. That is because this ratio actually plays an important role in order to get the final goals: increasing traffic to websites, driving sales, encouraging social recommendations or rising the brand awareness.

But how can we calculate it? Socialbakers.com divulged a few days ago the exact way to do it and therefore getting a percentage.

On Facebook this ratio measures how well your fans are interacting with your content. In order to calculate the formula, this social network take into accounts number of “likes”, comments and shares on a given period of time. Then, the result is divided to the total number of active fans on that period.

Engagement on Facebook

On the other hand, Twitter takes into account the number of replies and retweets regarding a given tweet, to the total number of followers on the moment that tweet was posted.

Engagement on Twitter

Once you have calculated your own rates, then you will be able to include it in your Key Performance Indicators of your own campaign. Besides, you will have the opportunity to get as many benefits as follows:

  1. Monitoring this ratio and check out its fluctuation, which will help you out to improve your social media campaign according to that result.
  2. Making a comparison within the marke. You will easily be able to calculate the engagement rate of your competence and check out what effects are causing their actions.
  3. Finding out with accuracy which are the days (and times of the day) when your fans and followers are more active, and act consequently.
  4. Being aware of the most replied and read topics, modifying your campaign according with results.

As I’m sure you have just figured out, yes, according to most of the results, Facebook is the most engaging social network. Let’s now check out how engaging are the Top 10 brands on Facebook and Twitter.

Engagement Graphic

Source: www.socialbakers.com

As you can see, Facebook still is the King on generating engagement. Does this also happen to you and your campaigns? What formula do you use to calculate the engagement your campaign is causing?

I count on your comments and opinions! Maybe some of you have a much better formula  or answer to this rate, why not? Also follow the latest trends and info about social media via our Twitter or Google+ accounts, find new pictures and infographics on Pinterest or join our interesting conversations with other specialists on the fanpage and LinkedIn Group. I’ll be waiting for you!