Within all social advertising platforms, Facebook seems to have the “magic wand”, showing great results that directly impact on brand awareness.  The value of a fan in Facebook is 2 – 3X the value of an email subscriber, for instance.

But how does it work? How can I optimize a Facebook advert? Here are some tips and steps to follow that will help you out to advertise on Facebook with success. This method was designed by Brian Carter, CEO at FanReach.net and a great social media guru with 12 years of experience on Google and Facebook marketing.

Let’s start here: what would a potential fan will follow upon seeing a Facebook ad, a system called “AIDA” by Brian Carter:

What a fan do after seeing an ad

Source: Brian Carter

That is the usual path a Facebook fan will follow once the ad is seen. So you are in charge and you will be able to lead your potential fans wherever you want. Are you ready? Let’s prepare a good ad 😉

1. Choose your goals and your Facebook advertising path

Which of the following paths fits your campaign best? Where would you prefer your potential fan to end up? Buying? Clicking other ad? Clicking an affiliate link? What follows are the three paths you can build for your Facebook ad campaign:

Facebook ad paths

Source: Brian Carter

2. Analyze / target your audience

As it happens in any marketing campaign, you must know your audience before going in. Make different profiles or groups of targets, depending on age, gender, country, likings, reads, similar interests, personalities, lifestyles and hobbies (even spy on your existing fan’s profiles if needed). All those profiles will be very useful for optimization purposes.

Facebook allows you to target by demographic (age, gender and relationship status), psychographic (likes, interests and hobbies) and geographic (countries, states, cities).

3. Create

Now we are talking! Open your fan page on Facebook and select “Admin”, then “Build Audience” and “create an Ad”… And follow these easy steps:

Design your Ad on Facebook

Source: Social With It

Target your Audience when advertising on Facebook

Source: Social With It

Pricing and Scheduling - Facebook Advertising

Source: Social With It

If you are starting on Facebook advertising, the best option is Pay per Clicks ads which would direct “likes” to your Facebook fan page. Marketers still prefer the offsite CPC, that is why Facebook has been putting an effort to keep that advertising within this social network by offering discounts of up to 45% cheaper if your CPC advert links to your fan page. You’ll have to take into account; the more “likes” your ad gets from people, the less money will cost.

Finally, review your ad (do not forget this!) and edit in case you see any mistake or typo.

4. Optimize

When designing the campaign, it is recommendable to make 4 or 5 different ads, headed to different target profiles that you previously got ready (point 2). Then, launch all of them on Facebook. The giant of social networks will give you a report with your campaign main stats. When analysing the data, compare, select and keep the one (or ones) that works best and spend less, and pause or remove the others.

5. Avoid the burnout

After a while, the same ad will be less interesting for your audience. To avoid this, change the picture every now and then, write the body with something new to offer or pause the ad for a few weeks and then resume it again.

Facebook advertising will help you out to quickly increase your awareness, but take into account that only an average of 7 up to 16% will daily see your posts, while your feedback rate will be somewhere between 0.1 up to 0.6%. So getting a 50% of fans viewing your posts and 1% of feedback would be a really big success. Worth a try?

Let us know your advices about social advertising on comments below! Do you have any other tip that could help improving a social advertising campaign? You also can give us your opinion at SWIt on Facebook. Looking forward to your comments!

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