Still today and despite all the efforts professionals do online to teach about Social Media Marketing, most of users keep advertising on Facebook driving the ads to the general public instead to a targeted and reduced group of really good fans who eventually will end visiting a lot your website and purchasing.

It’s extremely easy to think this way: “the more people I reach, the more chances to sell”. Wrong! That’s not applicable here. This time, more is less.

My purpose with this series of three posts I’ll be publishing the next months is to show you the technique that really works well in Facebook: Targeting the public you write to in the correct way. I’ll start guiding you on how to create personalized audiences in order to save them and use them in each of your ads. That will make the ad developing easier! The first step is start using Power Editor every time you want to launch or edit Facebook Advertising. You can easily access to the tool from the Ads Manager located in the left banner of your personal profile:

How to create customized audiences in Facebook - Access to Power Editor - Social With It - Social Media Blog

First unforgettable step you MUST do: Remember every time you enter the tool to dowload your page to Power Editor. Only click over the button within the up banner and wait for a few seconds while the updates are downloading.

Once you are within the app, you’ll easily find the section “Audiences”: Go to “Ad Tools” in the right upper corner.

How to create customized audiences in Facebook Ads - Access to Audiences - Social With It - Social Media Blog

Then you’ll see the option “Create Audience”. If you go over the button, you’ll find three different types of audiences. Don’t worry, we’ll go through each of them along this post:

1. Saved Target Group

The Power Editor gives you the option to save a targeted audience when you are creating an advert and defining the public you want to lead it to:

How to create Customized Publics in Facebook Ads - Save an audience - Social With It - Social Media Blog

Then, you’ll be able to use it each time you need it when launching a similar advert (with similar goals). My advise is to save different audiences, according to each of your goals and social advertising strategies, for example: 

Local Audience 

Target those around your business. A few weeks agos Facebook added the feature of targeting by postal code.

Targeted Audience by demographic data

We’re talking about targeting by genre, language, country, age, relationship…

Audience focused on your audience interests

You can even include a famous page similar to yours as an interest. That way you’ll reach part of its audience.  

The way you’ll recover the audience you’ve previously saved is easy. When creating an ad, just click over “Audience” and then “Use existing targeting grouop”. Then choose the target you consider is the most suitable for that ad.

 2. Custom Audience

This is the great feature Facebook launched a few months ago: being able to reach potential customers who already know you or have interacted with your website during past marketing campaigns (outside Facebook). We could call it “Social Remarketing”. Remarketing is for those not familiarized, to lead a given marketing action to a public that responded positively to previous actions. Facebook allows you to upload a file with that audience. Let’s see how to do it. 

You’ll be able to upload three kind of files: 

1. Mailchimp Custom Audience

Do you launch Email Marketing campaigns via Mailchimp? It’s a very useful tool that lets you send newsletters to you potential customers and engage with them. Mailchimp allows you to download the list of subscriptions. To export this document and convert it into a custom audience in Facebook only click over “Create Audience” >> “Custom Audience” >> “Mailchimp Custom Audience”.

How to create Customized Publics in Facebook Ads - Mailchimp Custom Audience - Social With It - Social Media Blog

Attention! Do not use this Custom Audience if you Subscription list is under 1,000 emails. Otherwise, your ad won’t be published!. 

2. Data File Custom Audience

Maybe your intention is not to reach your subscribers. Then, Facebook lets you upload any other kind of Excel file attending to the following data: emails, phone numbers, IDs or mobile users. Then, the social network will use these details to find those users.

A good example on how to create a successful Audience is to export an Excel file you’ve built with the emails of those customers (or potential ones) who actually purchased something within your website or who just dropped you a question.

3. Custom Audience from your Mobile App

This option is just useful for those companies with enough budget to develop a mobile app. You’ll be able to create a concrete audience with the users that have engaged with any of your app features. It’s a good way to start focusing your strategy on mobiles, but under my opinion, Facebook has omitted here the low budget of most of the small businesses.

By the way, by creating one of the three Custom Audiences you’ll be able to make Lookalike Audiences too: When developing the creativity of your ad, use a Custom Audience in order to create a similar one, choosing the country. Facebook will then look for fans with similar features to those in your list.

And that’s all for now! Yes, just for now because I’ll be posting a new article about Mastering Facebook Advertising soon enouch, so stay tunned!

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