Social advertising still is an unexplored land where even specialists go crazy to get the most out of it. You’d be amazed of how many times we sit in front of a Facebook  ad looking at it, with the metrics over the table and figuring out how to make it be more successful. What do we do then? Check options. Fail. Check other options. Fail again. Check something different until we succeed and reach our goals (or businesses’ I should say) and keep it that way. But I’ll try to teach you how to jump the two first steps and go straight to success 😉

Let’s start explaining Facebook tends to “penalize” in a way external links in your adverts. Wait. When I say “penalize” what I mean is that your reach and virality will be much lower than that you could get with an ad driving fans to your fanpage (in-site advertising). Have you already tried to advertise your products in Facebook? Then you’ll easily come to this conclusion as well. Specialists usually work harder thinking a way to direct those clicks on your ad to your website, not your fanpage.

What specialists usually do is to launch an ad to drive fans to the fanpage and then, from there, lead them to the website through the post contents. Unfortunately, most of those “clicks” won’t convert in web traffic eventually.

How to do it properly? We’ll drive them to a Landing Page (Welcome tab) on your Facebook page instead of to your timeline, as shown in the picture below.

Welcome tab for Facebook pages - Social With It

Once you have your potential audience visiting your Welcome Tab you have to find the way to lead them straight away to your website. At this point, my “trick” will help you out a lot.

A few months ago, Jeff Bullas (who I consider one of my favorite bloggers) said a truly fact: Facebook fans react better to funny and entertaining posts. Fair enough. Why not to give them this both within your Facebook advertising and your Welcome Tab?

1. Choose a theme related to your brand everybody is crazy about

It might be a film with a vast community of followers, a series everybody is crazy about or a new and massively followed trend…

Let’s get back to our case of study. This company is a small business that sells online cool and very trendy products so we decided to make the ad around the Kawaii trend.

2. Show an appealing picture about that crazy theme

Add an amazing photo to your related to the theme chosen and develop a small text where you get your targeted audience clear they’ll find what they’re looking for in your site.

Find below the ad we launched for the company we’re using as a case of study:

Ad low cost - First step: Choose a theme everyone is crazy about - Social With It -

2. Target your ad and audience 

Make your ad visible in News Feed (not in the right column), in all devices.

Include interests according to the audience you are targeting. In our case of study, we add the kind of “kawaii”, “Hello Kitty” or “Nyan Cat”, for example.

And above all, don’t forget to link it to your Facebook Welcome Tab, that one you previously designed and uploaded to your fanpage, like the one in the image. This link will allow you to see the Welcome tab we did for our case of study.

Facebook Landing Page sample to drive more traffic to your site - Social With It

3. Link the Welcome Tab to your website

This step is as obvious as crucial! To designing and developing your landing tab you might use Pagemodo which offers easy samples and gives you the chance to link to your site.

4. Be consequent with your Facebook Page

If you are telling your potential visitors and fans that this is the place where they should look for their interests, then your fanpage also should be. At least as long as your advertising campaign lasts, you should change your Photo Cover in order to make it consequent with your strategy. That way your visits will also like your page as they’ll see it’s of their interest.

Now I challenge you to try this method and tell me about your results below on comments. You’ll see how easy, quick and productive it is! The price of your audience’s clicks will go down as ours did up to 0.05 euro! The campaign was a complete success. I hope yours will be too!

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