If we were to take into account all the advices from the experts whenever we write a post, it would be so complicated that we would only be able to write a post a month.

That’s why this last meet-up I attended, prepared by Social Media London, was so useful: only four tips, broad but at the same time very useful. You can see them summarised in the following graphic where I also list the qualities or talents that a good blogger should have, some would  be innate but some others will be achieved through experience:

How to blog

Rock it at blogging! By Social With It

Long story short, a good blogger is somebody who is creative, willing to take some risks and venture into the unknown, aware of the limitations, well organised and, most of all, patient, very patient. At the beginning there won’t be many results but, is it enough to follow these rules to make your blog successful? They could help you at the beginning to acquire more Web presence, to get your own “space” and to reach your target but if you want the blog to be your job, once you’ve stablished these ground rules, you will need to make it profitable.

Have you taken a minute to think about the design of your blog? That’s going to be the first thing that visitors will see of your site. If your goal is to live of your passion for writing, why not investing a small amount of money in the design? Leave this to a professional so every detail of your site is deliberate and has a purpose.

You don’t need to wait till your blog reacher a certain amount of visits before you start making money out of it. As it happens with visits and comments, profits will take some time to show up, so the sooner you start, the better.

How to obtain profits from a blog

  1. Are you running a business? Are you freelancing? Use your blog indirectly to let your services be known. We don’t mean that you sell your products/services in the front page, but you could mention it intelligently in post, in your welcome message or in the “About me” screen.
  2. Sell your own products. You could include eBooks, t-shirts or even shoes with your brand’s logo.
  3. Write reviews about brands or products. I would only recommend doing this if the brands or products you are reviewing are related to the  theme of your blog. Remember to keep the transparency and give your honest opinion. Getting paid for recommending a product does not mean you are selling your soul. You are independent as blogger.
  4. Include advertising. If you do this, remember that it should not impact your design much and should never be more important than the actual content (E.G. Flash ads displayed on top of a post making it unreadable can become a nuisance to readers and ultimately hurt your visits)

You would still need to consider that profits should not be your only goal as a blogger. Were this to happen, the blog will feel it and it will eventually “die”. Also,  it is essential that you get more than one source of income so don’t base your economy in just one of the points above.

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