Nowadays almost everyone knows basic tips to publish across social networks as does the importance of the images. However little details on how to write on social platforms mean the success of the given post: a higher reach, more likes, RTs or more comments on blogs.

1. Posts in Blogs

This first infographic shows you the main parts in a blog article along with how to develop any of them. That doesn’t mean though you have to include all of them in every post, but just choose the many you can accordingly to the subject.

Did you know for instance readers use to reject a blog post with a title over 15 words? Find out more clicking on this link -> The Perfect Blog Post via

2. Pins on Pinterest

It’s not as easy as just pinning a picture you just saw in a website. Do you really want Pinterest to work for your business? Do you want your pin to be repinned and grow your community? Then, pay much more attention at what you’re pinning.

Did you know images with little emoticons on Pinterest are not as shared as those with no little human faces? Go to the infographic via on this link! -> The Perfect Pinterest Post

3. Posts on Facebook

Although it’s important it’s not enough with including an image every time you post an update. Yes indeed, images are important and will give you a better reach but if you want your post to succeed and drive traffic to your site, then you’ll have to follow some more rules.

Did you know you have to keep your post under 90 characters or at least include your link within the first 90 characters? Do it to allow your fans to see the link without clicking in your post! 😉 Find more tips on this infographic via -> The Perfect Facebook Post

4. G+ and Twitter

We finished our #DayOfInfographics summarizing what we’ve learnt today but also adding to more social networks: Google+ and Twitter. Writing a tweet is not easy at all, but did you know a whole Shakespeare’s novel can be summarized within an only tweet? We’ll be opening a new category on SWIt later in October where we’ll talk about this matter. In the meantime, learn how to do so in this last infographic via -> The Perfect Posts on Social Platforms

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