One more Saturday we’ve brought to our fanpage on Facebook the three most highlighted infographics about social media. That is those that had more RT or shares during last week. We bring them together in our Day of Infographics!

1. Watch your e-reputation

With the rise of social media, we’ve also checked how brand’s images are now in the 2.0 world, where it’s really easy that image to be spread. This is why you have to keep an eye on your (or your brand’s) online reputation. This infographics shows you some useful tips on this (go to link 1.)

2. Content is so will be king

It is indeed. One of the principal aims of social media marketing is engaging your clients. There is no way to reach that goal but with an amazing content that is deserve your fans/followers pay attention to your words. Find on this infographic four keys that will help you out on this point (link number 2.)

3. The most social time

It almost is a science: the search for the best timing to tweet or post on Facebook. According to last data, the best timing to tweet is at 5pm on Wednesday or weekends. In the case of Facebook, it would be better to post on Saturdays at 12pm. Despite this, be careful with these timings as could not work for your company. Try always to use tools and measure your social data in order to find out your perfect timing.

By the way, now we’re talking about this, why don’t you let us know on comments or our fanpage what tool do you use to measure your social timing? We’re sure you can teach us something new!!

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