The first infographic we launched over the Saturday was really curious. Social networks are changing both, the way we socialise and also the professional side of communication. Imagine you have to explain to Leonardo DaVinci -who is the creator of the professional C.V. – that nowadays what is trendy is to use LinkedIn instead of paper!

One more odd detail in this infographic: Do you know who was the first person who wrote a post about “How to do a killer Résumé”? Guess who’s that person? Have a look at this infographic and find it out! -> The History of the CV [via National Career Service]

Our next infographic happens to complete the post “How to share your blog post across social media in just 30 minutes a day”. In 30 more minutes you can have all your social networks up-to-date  if you try to make this routine: How to keep your social networks updated” [via]. That’s what we are convinced of: the key is to be organized!

Finally, our last infographic of the day was “the friki one” [we know you all wait for it!] Those who saw it had the chance to guess who’s the most influence CEO on Twitter before see the list of Top Management Degree. Now it’s your turn, guess who’s that person and give us your guess below on comments… Because it’s not Zuckerberg!! 😉

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