While looking for news and social media trends on the Internet, I found by chance a post that really made me think of my professional career: 10 questions to Evaluate a Social Media ‘Expert’, by Ian Lurie. Let me say first I loved the way the post was written, that is being extremely sincere.

On SWIt we want to share our point of view about each of the statements on the article. We don’t agree with absolutely all of them but mostly we do. The aim of my post is create a debate around the principal idea: Should we have a deeper critical awareness of ourselves?

How to recognize a real specialist on social media

Imagine you are a small business. Who would you trust to manage your social media campaign? This is a very young profession and maybe yet it is difficult to realize the person you have ahead is not enough prepared (or should I say fake?)

1. Say bye bye if… The “expert” has either no blog or post once in a while

We do agree on this. A good professional must have an updated blog with frequent information about the field. This may help the customer to know if the specialist is aware of the latest trends. But, according to Lurie, that “expert” should have been blogging for at least 2-3 years… Is that time so crucial? Now the ball is in your court… What do you think?

2. When did you started on social media?

Lurie thinks a balanced answer would be “around two years ago”. We also agree. What can you tell me about that “15 years ago” answers? Oh my, you are clearly bragging! We’re not talking about your whole marketing career!

On the other hand, 6 months could be too few if you are looking for an experienced professional. In my opinion, you should keep paying attention to that guy though. Maybe that’s not enough experience, but he’ll probable have the passion many others don’t have. Just keep asking questions 😉

3. What is social media?

No doubt. Totally agree with Ian. Wrong answer: “blogging and posting on social networks”. Bye bye my friend. What would you respond here?

4. What’s this social media campaign all about? 

Let’s see… Many possibilities to fail… or win. Keep dealing only if you’re answered: “develop a highly appealing social content. Then spread it in order to reach your targeted customers while give them a reason to share it”. Good one, Ian.

Let me here make a break to warn you about those “professionals” who guarantee 20,000 fans/followers or the highest positions on Google search ranking… Keep an eye on them because those fake profiles (that never will be engaged) are sadly very spread, even amongst those “experts”.

5. How do you measure social media activity

“Wait, what?” Run far far away from him!! Ian Lurie’s model answer is: “I use third party tools”. We talk about Hootsuite or Radian 6, to mention a couple of them.

6. How do you get the R.O.I?

I really loved the winner answer: “Come on… Shut up!” -> That’s an expert!!! He is so bored of hearing every now and then about this question… Social media marketing needs from new metrics, new ways to measure the influence or reach. We can’t apply to social media similar metrics that we used for older marketing activities (this is something I’ve learnt from my loved friend and mentor Pilar Barrio, Head of Social at MPG). What do you think? I know you’re thinking on a better answer right now 😉

7. How will you build my community?

Apart from bots and auto-follow companies (uhhhh), what would you say if you’re answered this?: “Following interesting profiles, commenting on relevant blogs and trying to take part on conversations. Would you accept that answer if you were the client?

To Lurie, the perfect reply would be “wait until I got the campaign ready”

8. What can you guarantee?

The only possible answer on my opinion: “That I’ll put my back on your campaign”. Totally agreed.

9. How did you learn all this about social media?

Ok. Let me gives you my own opinion on this. If you hear: “reading a book or attending a course”, just get up and go away. I’m not saying the online course you’ve just done is not worth it. It’s just that it’s not enough. I would love discussing about this on comments below, by the way. I’m convinced this fact depends on the country and the way you get used to it. In Spain, for example, learnings from degrees are much appreciated, even more that those coming from the experience or your will to learn.

So, what would be the correct answer? “Yes, I read every day about the matter, evey single day I learn something new, try all the apps and tools I read about and keep using the best ones. Besides, I use to go to meetups and conferences”. Yes, Ian, that’s also an expert for me.

10. Finally, How will your social media campaign impact on my SEO?

There’s no doubt. It will influence your SEO campaign. If you get any other answer, just get up and leave.

Now your turn! What do you think? Are they true affirmations? Do you agree? Let us know what of the answers you don’t agree with. We are really looking forward to your comments on this! You also can tell us your opinion on our fanpage, that is in fact your fanpage.