Have you ever develop a Twitter strategy from the very beginning? We’ll be right over that matter in a minute, but before let us show you something about Facebook we really believe in: What’s the best metric to measure, “likes” or “people talking about this?

We have it clear: the second option. It’s time to forget about “likes” as they don’t make sense with no interactions with your brand or with no help to share your contents. But, how could you raise the “people talking about this”? Follow the tips on this infographic (click on the link): How to really measure Facebook! (by Seotrafficlab)

Let’s jump into Twitter now. The steps to build a powerful strategy are easy, but you have to follow them… All of them: Decide your goals – Plan how to reach them and what tools to use – Choose what metrics to measure – Check and update your strategy very often. Do you want a deeper information on tools and apps? Click over this link to access to the infographic: How to develop a Twitter strategy (by Mybeak Social Media)

Shall we jump again? This time let’s go to Pinterest. Do you frequently use it? If you are a regular reader you’ll know we are fans of this photo-sharing application. That’s why we’ve brought to you this infographic with the best tips to build the perfect commercial pin (by Andrew Macarthy). Have a look clicking on the link!

Let’s focus now in a completely different topic we know you all are interested in: the Community Manager figure. We’re sure many of you work as a CM. Others probably have a small business and have to sometimes act like a CM. Check out these many hats of a Community Manager (by Get Satisfaction & Column Five) and let us know if you identify with some (or even all) of them!

That was all! Next Saturday we’ll be launching a new Marathon of #DayofInfographics! Hope to see you all there!

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