Small or big businesses as well as experts on marketing are more and more aware of the need to plan before go deeper into social media. Is this the first time you are accessing “this world” and don’t know how to do it? How to develop those called “social media strategies”?

1. Ten steps and jump right in!

First infographic we launched gave you 10 steps to follow in order to create a strategy on social media. Answer these 10 questions and once you have this done, get started planning the actions on social networs, blogs or other online media.

2. Coca-Cola; First in social networks too

Its aim is to be up over all brands. And it almost got it. At least, Coca-Cola is first on Facebook with 50 million fans. Those creative social media gurus have a lot to teach us, specially on how to get the engagement of all those fans. Do you want to check how have they done it? Go to link number 2!

3. “Socialmediaholic”, the new sickness

We finished our Day of Infographics with this entertaining graphic from Mashable. How many times have we heard that social networks are even more addictive than alcohol? Check if you have any of these diseases! 😉

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