The use of hashtags is becoming one of the most common ways to share information around the Internet, not only on Twitter, a social platform that was not the first to use #hashtags.

Try to use them in your benefit to find a lot of info about a given matter, or even use them to organize your contents in themes. That way your content will be easily found. Let’s go directly to find out what platforms support hashtags. Click over the following link to access to the infographic:

Everything you should know about hashtags (by Online Circle)

Jumping into the second infographic of the week, I discovered a very interesting data. When you want to get the customer’s attention to your product you have up to 90 seconds to do it. What’s then the best way to get a positive judgement in that little time? By using the magic of colours.

Go straight to the infographic clicking on the following link:

How colours affect conversions (by KissMetrics)

Our last infographic of the day was about the best way I’ve heard of explaining what social platforms are for. Pay special attention to the coffee at Google+ 😉 Go to this link to access the infographic!:

Social Media explained with a good coffee (by Marketplace Maven)

As usual, I’ll be looking forward to your comments below about any of the previous infographic!

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