In order to start the year with the best data and tips, we’ve selected from the most highlighted and shared infographics over the last few days, those that could be of the interest of small businesses or social media marketing beginners. We’ve focused on basic steps to take into account when preparing a social media strategy. We’re sure most of you are getting one ready right now.

1. Pros & cons of social channels

First thing to do after get cleared your goals (what you’d like to achieve with the strategy you are planning) then you should choose the social platform that could fit better your purposes. Hopefully we can help you out a little bit with these pros and cons of the 6 more important social networks so far.

2. Basic “to dos” in your strategy

Have you already determined what social channel (or channels) you’ll use to reach your aims? Well. Now just grab a huge cup of coffee, sit down in front of your computer (and if possible a big note book) and start defining the steps you must follow along your campaign. These are the basic “to dos” you can’t forget.

3. A social media zombie?

We finished our Day of Infographics with this fun point of view of social networks addicts. Are you one of those who post foodie photos all the time? Or maybe you are a weddings lover and so that you can’t stop pinning photos about it on Pinterest? Find out here what kind of social media zombie you are!

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