How did they get such a success? How did they get 17 million views in just three weeks? Firstly you should know this video campaign was part of a global marketing project, collaborating both traditional and new media.

Once we get that clear, let’s go deeper in what they did. Before the official video was launched, Dior developed and uploaded a few teasers on all social networks, specially Facebook and Twitter.

Besides, days after uploading the principle video – which thousands of fans were already expecting – an extended version was also launched. That action made them gain 5 million more views.

It was not the first time Dior used this official-plus-extended version technique. Its former “Making of” video got only 8,000 views though. According to the metrics, that happened because it had been too long in between both video uploads.

These were the metrics they used to know the impact over their brand awareness:

  1. Total views of the video – how the grew
  2. Number of new subscribers
  3. The growth of subscribers
  4. The increase of Twitter followers during the project.
  5. The increment of Facebook fans
  6. The engagement ratio of any post related to the campaign.
  7. Conversations about the video

According to the data they obtained from these metrics, Dior’s campaign had been a success, specially during the first weekend when they won an average of 700 subscriptors per day!

The impact on Facebook and Twitter Dior’s profiles  

Apparently, the video did not have a deep impact over Twitter followers growth either on the ratio of engagement. However, the Facebook fans’ growth rate did rise considerably during the days the video went more viral.

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Five principles to help your videos go viral

1. Powerful content 

Be original, shocking, funny or even emotive when planning your content, and do not exceed the story over three minutes. The more concise and straight to the point you are, the more success you get.

2. Plan also a pre and post-campaign

As it is clear from Dior’s success, what work the best is generate an expectation by creating video teasers and upload them to social networks. That way, it will be easier for you to encourage customers to talk about the campaign. This step is crucial to get a higher engagement ratio once the principal video is uploaded.

3. Do not forget traditional advertising

Social media marketing must be part of a global campaign that includes advertising on traditional media. Do not forget that.

4. Work hard on CRM

During the campaign is essential that your social networks work as Customer Relationship Managers. Try to answer all fans/followers questions as soon as possible and individually.

5. Measure measure measure

Metrics used on Dior’s campaign can give you an accurate idea of what you should measure. It’s very important you to monitor all conversations around the video and all the activities you have launched from the beginning of the project.

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