Facebook Marketing… It seems everyone can make it. Everyone can develop and manage a Page for business… Very few reach the results they were expecting. That’s the key. Let’s go deeper on any aspect of this “new” discipline.

Let’s start by saying not all strategies work well on Facebook. Even if they work, it’s not easy at all keep them succeeding. Hard work, constancy and persistence are crucial to succeed and there is nothing we can do about it. But we can help you to decide the best strategy for your business. Our first infographic will show you the best 64 ideas to get good results on Facebook:

Infographic: 64 Facebook Marketing Strategies

We already know what content to post and the strategy we’ll follow to actually post it on Facebook. Let’s see now what is the best kind of content (positive, negative, learning…), when to post it and how often.

Infographic: What content to post, when and how often

However, many of you already know Facebook is implementing little by little a new metric dashboard that will give us what time our fans are online, amongst other interesting data.

Then, there is only one question left to respond to: Why Facebook? Is that social network the one for your business? To get a general view, we’ve selected an infographic with a comparative between Facebook and Twitter. Click on the link below and find out very interesting data about it. For example: Did you know Twitter reaches better kids than Facebook?

Infographic Twitter vs Facebook

Source: Jeff Bullas

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