We’ve always trusted Pinterest over the rest of photo-sharing platforms. However, many users still trust Flickr over any others. By reading this post you’ll find out it depends on the geography. Spanish, for example, still prefer Flickr. How about you? What follows are 3 infographics with data that might help you make your mind.

1. 10 best practices on Pinterest

Despite the quick growth, most small businesses still don’t know how to use in the right way this social platform in order to get the best results. It’s said this is the platform that more traffic refers to your site, so let’s start learning how to properly pin! Within the infographic you’ll find by clicking on the link number one (over this paragraph) you’ll see the best 10 practices to approach Pinterest in the right way.

2. The Pinterest Purchasing Power

Did you know users coming from Pinterest to your site are a 10% more likely to buy? Did you also know that pins with a call-to-action increase engagement by 80%? These and many more Pinterest stats under the link number 2 (over this paragraph)

3. And what about Flickr?

So far it’s being used mostly in countries such as Spain, the UK (although Pinterest is here gaining momentum) and Singapore. Other impressive data is that is mostly used by males contrary to Pinterest (mainly used by females). Do you think this is the way both platforms will be able to coexist with success? More info about Flickr under the link number 3!

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