It’s not a new statement. Images have always been powerful in advertising and marketing fields. How dominant are they on social media? Let me make a guess… Your social content strategy success will depend on the images… Let’s find out more on the following infographics.


Although it’s not a photo-sharing app itself, a Facebook strategy can clearly depend on the addition of images: Posts with photos on Facebook get 84% more clicks than those with a link or just text. It also receives a 53% more likes and 104% more comments… And these figures rise every day… Posts that go to photo-albums get a 180% more engagement over videos, texts and links.

To access the infographic, just click on this link: The impact of photos on Facebook (via Whispond, an app developer company for Facebook, Twitter and websites’ contests)


Instagram has always surprised specialists in the market because of its growth… Facebook acquired it for a reason… Instagram, followed by Pinterest, is the very first photo-sharing app in the USA and UK. Why? It’s easy to explain.

Let’s check figures: 575 likes and 81 comments… per user average… Every second!!! And that was happening in 2012… Since then it has kept growing.

Get access to the infographic by clicking this link: The State of Instagram (via Whispond)


The quick expansion was totally unexpected, but it really happened. In less than two years, Pinterest turned into the first social platform to share pictures and video amongst English language countries. Companies have also got benefits from the high virality and easy sharing. If your small business works on travels, cook or decoration, this is your social network.

Find out more about Pinterest and what matters in that platform clicking on this link to go to the infographic: The rise of Pinterest (via

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