Our latest Day of Infographics was exclusively dedicated to explain how important is humor in social media, as long as you find the right moment to launch it.

About two months ago we read on Social Media Today five very good reasons to use humor in your social networks contents. We totally agree with them:

  • – Serious is boring. Try to find the way to not being as serious as your company might be. That way your social communities will probably grow up much quicker.
  • – Fun staff gets more favourites and likes. Check it out on your own Facebook Page. We launch in Social With It Facebook Page a LOL Cat every Friday to wish everyone a good weekend. That post gets more reach and likes that any other during the week.
  • – Funny images and videos go viral faster. This fact is easy to double check. Have a look at the most viral videos and images lately.
  • – The funnier it is, the easier it will make a memorable mark in people’s minds. Users will be able to even remind the page where they saw it.
  • – It works to everyone. All of us love to laugh, specially if it’s the right moment like weekends.

Now you are convinced of using humor in your social media content strategy, check out these 3 infographics we released last Saturday with a few samples (click over the links to access to the infographic):

1. The impact of cats in social media (Infographic by BootCampDigital)

2. Easy humor on Pinterest – sample  (Infographic by buildprosperitynow.com)

3. Sample of humor for social media lovers (Infographic by egomonk.com)

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