As usual, last Saturday we launched on our fanpage the 4 infographics more shared within the previous week. We also started a new hashtag in order to have all infographics together on Twitter. It’s one more way for you all to find them easily: #DayofInfographics 

1. Ways to thank your fans on social media

If you say thank you for all good words from your fans or followers, you’ll see how those users will become much more engaged with your site and will probably reply with a comment or RT in the near future. Although it’s not only about to do it to get more engagement, that will happen. How to be thankful then? Find 6 inspirational ways within this infographic (under link number 1)

2. Pinterest drives high quality traffic

Yes indeed. This is not the first report that offers these results: Clients coming from Pinterest spend more money on one only product, buy more items and do more actions on your website. Find these interesting data (along with many others) by clicking on link number 2!

3. How to optimize your Pinterest profile

Once you have enough reasons to try Pinterest 😉 here you’ll find 10 ways to optimize your (or your small business’) profile. All of the tips are very easy to follow and will help you out very much to reach your business goals. By the way, do not forget you should write prices in dollars in order to be included within the section “Gifts” (with many more viral reach chances)

We got to an end with a funny infographic from Mashable about the never-end smartphone cycle. We’re sure that happens very often! Do you identify with this cycle? ;P

See you next Saturday with a new edition of our #DayofInfographics. In the meantime, follow our information about hot trends in social media on Twitter or Google+, more infographics and photos (including LOLs) on Pinterest or debates on our fanpage and our LinkedIn Group. We’ll be waiting for you!