Today we bring to you the three best infographics about Brand’s Online Reputation including tips to keep it and make it grow together with tools you’ll need to use.

1. What is it and why you should worry about online reputation

Did you know…

– 94% of clicked search results are organic, not paid?

– 92% of users trust opinions posted online by other consumers

– 70% of social media users search and hear other consumer’s experiences with brands

Opinions about your brand are expressed on the Internet more often than you think and they are essential for your online strategy campaign. Be you not unknown users who controls the online message.

Go to link number 1 to access the infographic by MDG Advertising.

2. How to fight negative comments

Around 80% of those interested on your personal or business brand will Google you. If they don’t like what found, they could write a negative comment online, very difficult to remove.
What’s the way to fight this then? By the end of this infographic by InventHelp (under the link number 2) you’ll find the traditional way agencies and specialists use.

3. A step-by-step guide and tools

Our last selected infographic (by Searchmojo) gives you very good tips on how to monitor your social networks, along with a step by step guide and tools to manage your online reputation.

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