We’ve always highlighted the importance of having your social media strategy written in order to stick to it and reach your goals. That is something you’ll easily make by using the infographic we’ve just found. It’s just an amazing and smart idea

1. Your To Do List

For instance, how many blog posts are you planning to write in a weekly basis? What social platforms will you choose to spread it? Fill up the blanks and you’ll only have to make a content calendar. Now, think of every social network profile you own. What kind of content are you going to post in any of them? How frequently? Click on any of the points that you manage to accomplish every week.

2. How to rock with your blog

Nowadays, one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is via an integrated blog. Becoming yourself a blogger is not easy at all though. How to succeed at blogging then? If you are organized, it will not be that difficult. Follow these tips and you’ll find it even easier. Go along the post on the blog and you’ll find ways to spread and monetize your blog as well.

3. The evolution of video game consoles

And here’s the most expected infographic: the geek one! That one that has nothing to do with social media but most of you love the most. And to be honest… Has it nothing to do with social media? Well… Gamification is on the rock… We just could deep into that social media trend. 😉 Apart from that, did you know the first video game console was released by 1967?

That was our last infographic of the day until next Saturday!

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