How could you rock at blogging? How could you excel within the blogosphere 2.0? We bring together to this post three of the most shared and tweeted  infographics of the week. We hope all of them help you out on every stage of the art of blogging:

1. A fanpage or a blog?

The social networks’ quick proliferation have caused some doubts around the blogs’ long time life. However, on my humble opinion, blogs are and will be key. The perfect situation is to work on both a blog and a fanpage at once. This way, you’ll be creating content on your business blog to spread through your fanpage.  Find under the link number 1 ten reasons to have a blog instead of a unique fanpage. Now here’s my question: What about the RRSS?? A fanpage might work the same way and make possible a higher engagement with your readers… Do you reckon will RRSS disappear? 😉

2. Twelve steps to spread your content

Alright. You have got the original idea for your post and have written about it. Now what? Writing the story is just the beginning. To arouse your reader’s interest as well as attract new ones don’t only depend on a good post. Find on this infographic 12 steps to do once you have written an article. This way you will reach as many readers as possible.

3. How to write an original post

Along the previous infographics we’ve gone through the best way to create content and how to spread it. Now we want to focus on the content itself. A perfect post blog should be original and interesting in order to arouse public’s interest. How to do that? Follow these pieces of advice (link number 3) and your article will probable be a bit more perfect 😉

Do you have any other piece of advice to add to this post? What about the use of a fanpage on Facebook instead of RRSS and newsletters? We are looking forward to your comments below or via our fanpage!

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