Over the last days of 2012, the best-known specialists were talking about these two new trends: a new social media generation and the complete integration of SEO into SM Marketing. We focus on both matters in the first two infographics.

1. 3rd Generation already?

I’ve read somewhere “from a experiment to a deeper reality”. Social media stopped being tested last year. This 2013 it will take off and so will get an incredible velocity! But, what concrete trends will accelerate the most? Find it out clicking on link number 1!

2. Recipe for a new SEO

Last of the trends we found in the previous infographic showd us the main point of this one: Forget about tricks and focus on a good use of keywords and an awesome content. That’ll be SEO this year… and onwards. SEO is not a discipline anymore, but part of others like SM Marketing.

3. Be smarter this year

One only data on this infographics tells everything: 70% of adult social networkers shop online. No more words are needed. Discover more reasons you should be paying more attention to social media under link number 3.

4. One colour, one year

The graphic we used to end our Day of infographics was just amazing. Every single year a Pantone colour has been king. Here’s all colour trends since 2000. By the way, the trendy colour in 2013 will be… 😉

Next Saturday we’ll be launching on Twitter our first Marathon of Infographics of this year with the most highlighted ones in January. We’ll be posting 1 tweet per hour! Looking forward to your comments both, on our fanpage or below on comments.