Launching a fanpage is not easy to do, so it’s not keeping over the time the conversation with fans. However, when the time has passed, you realize all that work has been worth it. Our main advice is to be patient and keep the good work. In the meantime, infographics like the ones we are showing here will help you out to get ideas. Have a look at the infographics we have chosen this week!

1. Already marketing social media?

Approximately one week ago I was taking part in a thread on Facebook where people was talking about “social media is just a temporary fashion” and “there are no companies launching these kind of campaigns that work”… Well, I told them my point of view and here are the data to conflict with those “theories”. To start with I’d like to mention that 76% of the companies on this survey already have a social media plan in their 2012 marketing strategy. Go to highlighted data under link number 1!!

2. The online buyer

The first piece of information you read at the top of this infographic is yet shocking: 75 million people actively purchase items online. According to the graphic, e-commerce use has risen over the last years. But what are users interested the most in? Go to link number 2 to get to know it! 😉

3. How to viral your fanpage

This one has been the infographic with more repins over the last week. It’s simple and straight to the point. Besides includind 10 pieces of advice to get more engagement and virality via your fanpage it adds a few interesting data such as the amount of Facebook fanpages and fans statistics. Fancy checking the infographic? Then, go to link number 3!

As usual, we’ll be looking forward to you comments on this matters. We love your debates and your different point of views, so go ahead and write a comment both below these words and via our fanpage!

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