With an unstoppable growth (Over 500K users in December according to them), this social network it’s starting to become a must use for small companies; especially if you want to rank higher in Google’s search engine. Let’s not talk now about the different methods that can be used since it would take too long although you can definitely speak your mind in the comments section.

Google+ is playing a larger role every day in SEO by rewarding pages with a profile on their social network with better search results. And it’s not really necessary to investigate a lot. Just try to publish your Google Place in your G+ profile and you will see how it gets easier to find your website using Google. Something which you should do if you haven’t already. Remember that 97% of consumers search online for local businesses according to data provided from Google.

What services Does it provide?
The main ones are:
1. Company Pages which give you the possibility to explain in keywords the service or type of product that your business provide Making it easier to locate.
How can you promote the page of your company.
You can add the Google+  insignia to your site to begin with and therefore link it with your Google+ page. This way your readers will know that you have a company page in this social network. This is insignia  I will allow users to do a +1, see your personal notes or follow your page directly from your site. You can also install the Google+ icon and link it to your profile.
If, on top of that, you also add the +1 button you could start conversations easily and offer recommendations to all the social circles online.
And don’t forget about crossed promotions! It’s easiest process of them all. Simply advertise something that you are going to promote or a status that you’re going to publish In Google+ in another social networks in which you have a profile. For example bring followers from twitter or fans from Facebook.
You can also find other the ways to promote your page in this official link from Google.
2. Circles is very useful to separate your followers by demographics, gender or their likings for example. You could publish a different status for each one of your circles, should you want to. For instance, imagine that your campaign it’s only directed at women. You could share a post only with women of a certain circles.
3. Hangouts will allow you to do video calls. An option that you might not use often as a small company but could be an interesting business to business strategy.

4. Events. Similar to what’s already taking place in Facebook, you can create and share an event with whatever circles you choose. Once again, these circles play an awesome role in your audience segmentation which makes the feature maybe the most important Google+ asset.

5. Google Authorship is one of the main advantages of being present in this social network. You basically use what Google values most to increase your ranking in the searches. What we are talking here is about validating your page so Google recognizes you as a leader in the sector.

And what are the advantages of obtaining the Authorship?

  • It increases the dissemination of your profile in Google+
  • It improves the opportunities the profile of your small company being displayed in the results of personalised searches.
  • It also increases your post’s CTR (Click  through rate). At least, that’s what the latest studies suggest.

Are you giving Google+ a chance? Do you use Google Authorship? Tell us your experience in the comments section!

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