Many of us obsess over the SEO of our corporative sites, blogs and others but, in reality you don’t need much to do things right.

That’s why I’m going to show you today how to create your own checklist and perfect the SEO of your posts (SEO on page). Let’s get started!

1. Title tag

The Title tag is the most important one of all your pages and, as such, it needs to be original and unique. It also needs to meet these requirements:

  • Shouldn’t have more than 60 characters (Google actually uses pixels but 60 characters is a good approximation)
  • Should not have keywords
  • The most important must be placed at the beginning
  • Make it sound natural!

You will pass the first hurdle if you accomplish these four requirements. Not that hard, is it?

2. Metatags

Metatags are also very important, mostly their descriptions but keywords also help.

You should follow the same rules for the description metatag that you followed for the Title tab but, in this case, you have up to 160 characters to use.

Google has stressed time and time again that the keywords metatag does  not could help in SEO terms, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use it to make your site more coherent.

3. SEO directed text

Making text that is focused on SEO is not that complicated really. You just need to repeat in your text and in a natural way the word that you are trying to position and make sure that you use it in your first paragraph, the earlier the better.

I mentioned this as a rule of thumb really but don’t get crazy about it otherwise you will end up with a text that is excellent in terms of SEO but that nobody would read and therefore you’d be wasting your time.

4. ALT Tags

Firstly, your post must contain images and videos. It’s much more entertaining for your readers and they will spend more time in your site if your content is attractive.

All the images in your post should however contain the ALT Tag correctly applied, with keywords and descriptive enough so, don’t forget.

5. Bold letters

Boost up the positioning of your post by using bold letters for the keywords that you have used “naturally” in your text by mixing those keywords a bit and spread them evenly throughout your content. You’ll see how you manage to position the post better and, at the same time, you make the reading easier for the user.

You tell me them, is it complicated to perfect the SEO of your post?

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