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You are on your sofa watching a show, Lost to name one, and at the heated moment of the chapter you feel the need to share your thoughts with your friends. Then, take your smartphone and check-in this series via GetGlue or a similar app and comment to your contacts and thousands of other users what you are watching. It's Social Tv: a new and very fun way of entertainment
Jun 2012
In some countries, such as Spain, Social Tv still is in a very initial stage. Very few tv channels have already gone into social media and allowed users to comment on what’s going on....

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You can find numerous studies about the use of social media for big, medium and small companies, but it's complicated to find a study that explains how these companies could use them for their own benefit, i.e. to help with organization, help the employees feel like they belong, gain feedback from then or even to boost your brand. In this article we show you how useful "internal social media" can be and we share a few ideas to develop a strategy
May 2012
A Twitter conversation with one of the social media experts I follow, Luis Angel Mendaña (@lugarzen) made me realize I had to learn much more about the role social media is playing in the evolution...

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Most of us do not probably care about numbers in Facebook's IPO, what it does important to us is how it will affect to users: More advertising in our News Feed? More expensive ads? Will our fanpages change in any way? This post will try to answer all questions you can have as a normal user. Do you fancy to keep reading? ;)
May 2012
Most of us won’t probably ever understand the magnitude of last Friday Facebook’s IPO. It is also probably you do not care (unless you are an investor) so it is more than enough for...

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Did you know a few countries have commemorated today the Internet Day? Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay, among others, have celebrated what is today the biggest network in the History, an idea that was introduced by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider around mid of 20th Century.
May 2012
This milestone was promoted by the Asociation of Users of the Internet and the Internet Society back in 2005 (25th October). Afterwards, U.N. decided to set the 17th of May as the World Telecommunication...

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