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We are not talking here about "the death of content marketing" but about the evolution to a marketing exclusively social, the kind that will permanently depend on each social community and platform you'll be writing for. Let's go deeper into this trending idea...
Jan 2014
Lately we’ve been heard about the evolution – not death, though – of the Content Marketing to what other influential giants have already named as “Social Marketing”. Let me clarify a couple of points...

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2014 will clearly be the year of the "right-time" and local actions. Real-Time Marketing and an improved Customer Experience are the two last trends we'll have to be ready to face next year. Have all of them in mind and start planning your new strategy!
Dec 2013
Within the last two articles you’ve heard about Content Marketing, Social Media 3rd generation and Big Data. Let’s go deeper along this post to get you totally ready to face 2014 new Digital Marketing...

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Integration keeps going... Email Marketing, Social Media, SEO, PPC and social ads, Big Data or Social Customer Relationship Management... All fields will be crossed over and will feed each other... They'll be "one for all"... Are you ready?
Nov 2013
We already said it when we launched this blog almost a year and a half ago. The first guest that we interviewed, Luis Fernández already saw that “the future of Online Marketing would come...

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While traditional tv channels’ audience is dramatically dropping off, new “self-service Tv” apps gain thousand of members. What’s their secret? They give us what we want, when we want it, the form we want it and at a very affordable price. Along this post we’ll try to get you closer to these apps and explain their success, adventuring in no more than 10 years we all will be consuming tv this way.
Sep 2013
The success of Netflix or any other application that allows you to consume the content you want at a low monthly based price is that their strategies are based on the core idea that...

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