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Something new, something worn, something blue and something borrowed... What connection do you reckon these 4 traditions for brides have with Social Customer Experience? Along this post we will show you the puzzle and how the pieces fit to help reach a perfect and effective relationship with clients
Jul 2012
“Something new, worn, blue and something else borrowed” are the instructions a bride should follow on the wedding day, and it’s also a very accurate comparison with Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Gabriela Pérez Sambucetti, Grupo...

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Dior's last video campaign -Dior's Secret Garden, Versailles- reached 17 million views in just three weeks. That was the latest viral video of a brand. You'll find along this post what they did to go viral and the metrics they used to measure their success. Do you also want to learn the five basic pillars that will help you out to go viral? Then, keep reading... ;)
Jun 2012
How did they get such a success? How did they get 17 million views in just three weeks? Firstly you should know this video campaign was part of a global marketing project, collaborating both...

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Two weeks ago we attended a new meetup in London, organized by Social Media London (as usual) about how to boost your influence 2.0, using mainly social networks and blogs. The speaker? Andrew Grill, Kred CEO. If you fancy to keep reading, will find out eight alternative tools to Klout, the most popular "standard for influence"
Jun 2012
According to the definition on Wikipedia, Social Influence is based in ” conformity, socialization, peer pressure, obedience, leadership, persuasion, sales and  marketing”. Alright. It’s possible that was the perfect definition five years ago. Not now...

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You are on your sofa watching a show, Lost to name one, and at the heated moment of the chapter you feel the need to share your thoughts with your friends. Then, take your smartphone and check-in this series via GetGlue or a similar app and comment to your contacts and thousands of other users what you are watching. It's Social Tv: a new and very fun way of entertainment
Jun 2012
In some countries, such as Spain, Social Tv still is in a very initial stage. Very few tv channels have already gone into social media and allowed users to comment on what’s going on....

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