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Some rumors about the Return of Investment on Social Media cause that many people have the wrong idea about it. Let's try to curate what facts are true and good to follow and what others are not.
Mar 2014
The new series of posts I’ve started called Hunting Myths gave me the idea of keep chasing a little bit more during the last #DayOfInfographics on Facebook and Twitter, and the hunt was really...

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All of us have read a tip about Email Marketing at some time but, do you totally trust them? According to the best practices, there are myths that it's better not to pay attention to...
Mar 2014
From now onwards I have a new purpose: hunting as many false myths as possible. They can really hurt your marketing efforts either way you are a novel specialist or a small business trying...

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LinkedIn is changing the job offer and demand in a way over 70% of the recruiters use currently this platform to search for candidates. Let's learn how to make a better performance in this social network for professionals.
Mar 2014
Let’s start by the numbers. I’m pretty sure you don’t need much to be convinced of the importance of LinkedIn in you professional life, however degreequery.com gives us a few data that will push...

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The selection of colors or fonts for your web design will tell your readers a lot about you and your company. Along this post I'll summarize with infographics a few things you need to know to optimize your site
Feb 2014
Planning the way you are going to design your website is even more important than the step of developing itself. The first step will be to decide what colors to use, in case you...

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