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This week about to end has been full of good and interesting infographics about social media. As usual every Saturday, we have selected the four best and most shared out of them in order to bring them all together on our SWIt fanpage. We've enjoyed a lot while pinning these infographics. Will you?
Aug 2012
After years of comments about the future of Tv due to the fast growth of YouTube, nowadays the warning goes to that online precise channel: Careful. Smartphones with video apps are spreading very incredibly...

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How many posts with tips on how to grow your Twitter following have you read so far? At the end of the day, all of them include similar advices, right? Well, pay attention to our first infographic then ;)
Aug 2012
It’s finally Saturday, our Day of Infographics on SWIt! This time, we want to highlight one over the rest, because of its useful and valuable content: Ideas to develop in order to grow your...

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As usual, last Saturday we selected the best infographics about social media from the Web, those most shared and liked, in order to upload it to our fanpage on our Day of Infographics.
Aug 2012
Did you see any other graphic that you think it should be amongst these ones? Send it to our email and we’ll share it next Saturday! In the meantime… Here we go! 1. Facebook...

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After the spectacular Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, we have focused our Day of Infographics entirely on its coverage and economic details. We have chosen the four most shared infographics for you all to enjoy them. Do you want to know the differences between the current and the previous social media coverage of the Olympics? or what's the economic impact? Keep reading then! ;)
Jul 2012
Although we are getting ready a post about all you have to know about the Olympics and its media coverage, we have chose these four infographics in order to give you all the the...

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