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¡Socializar es vida! Síguenos y conoce con nosotros las mejores guías y prácticas de Marketing en Social Media. ¡En nuestra comunidad participan ya grandes especialistas ingleses y españoles! Come on in and go social with us! You are very welcome!
We have focused our latest Day of Infographics on how to develop and keep a blog up. Nowadays threre are over 160 million blogs on the Internet. Not all of them are active and daily updated though. It's a must to work hardly on it in order to keep it up. Here are some advices to rock at blogging.
Sep 2012
How could you rock at blogging? How could you excel within the blogosphere 2.0? We bring together to this post three of the most shared and tweeted  infographics of the week. We hope all...

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We made our Day of Infographics about social media a bit different last Saturday. We've uploaded different ones depending on the kind of audience (English and Spanish), those most shared/retweeted. You'll find them all together along this post, so keep on reading!
Sep 2012
That is the reason we have brought the 4 infographics about social media together to this post. All of them were uploaded on last Saturday to our fanpage, but there was one infographic you...

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Do you fancy to know for some tips to develop a content strategy that really engages your customers? Or the updated social timing? Keep on reading then! ;)
Sep 2012
One more Saturday we’ve brought to our fanpage on Facebook the three most highlighted infographics about social media. That is those that had more RT or shares during last week. We bring them together...

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Even though you all probably are right in the heart of our holidays SWIt has no rest and will keep on giving you the best infographics of the week related to social media. Do you fancy to know how to market your business with Pinterest? Keeps reading then...
Aug 2012
As we regularly do on SWIt every Saturday, here are the most shared/retweeted social media infographics of the week. This occasion we’ve dedicated two of them to Pinterest, considering the increasing influence this social photo-sharing platforms...

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